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Usps tracking from china not updating

He began buying all kinds of bric-a-brac from wholesalers, becoming a kind of Marco Polo of Internet goods. He’s a handgun enthusiast, which is why he deals in a variety of leather holsters.

But as Chinese companies began logging on to Web marketplaces like e Bay, Amazon, and Alibaba, they started taking advantage of the shipping deal to sell directly to American consumers.

And so it’s never been easier to get something cheap and Chinese delivered to your door for a startlingly low price: $4.64 for a digital alarm clock; $2.50 for a folding knife; $1.88 for an i Phone cable — all with shipping included.

The press release said that the move “solidifies our role as a key supplier in global commerce.” Singapore Post joined in 2012, and Korea Post joined in 2013. Between fiscal years 20, China nearly tripled the number of packages sent under this program, from 9.5 million to 26.8 million. Casey also noted that the USPS relies on business income, not tax dollars, to fund its operations.

The USPS offers this service, called “e Packet,” to foreign postal operators looking to increase global trade with the United States, spokeswoman Darlene S. (It lost another $5 billion last fiscal year.) But this has still been a money sink for the Postal Service.

“I can’t believe our government would do this to undercut American sellers to help the Chinese sell more in America,” Mc Grath said.

Under this decades-old arrangement, which is overseen by an agency of the United Nations and has participation from nearly every country, national postal services give each other discounted rates on international mail under a certain size and weight. Say someone from Germany wants to sends a letter or package (under 4.4 pounds) to Chicago. After the package arrives in, say, New York, the USPS takes over, delivering it to its final destination.

“One product that we sell for 2.00 with 2.50 shipping a chinese company is selling for .99 with free shipping,” another complained.